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Unforgettable Uganda Holidays

There are some things that very few people in the world will ever do. If you are thinking of becoming one of the tiny handful of people who have had the incredible experience of seeing mountain gorillas in their natural habitat, then Uganda is one of the places to go. Nearly half of the fewer than 1000 mountain gorillas that remain in the wild are in Uganda.

Then there some things that more and more people love to do, like bird watching. But some places in the world are just much better than others for doing them. With more than 1000 species of birds in a very small country, Uganda is one of them.

Either way, or to find a safari destination that punches way above its weight and that the crowds just don't know about, Uganda has heaps of potential for a truly unforgettable holiday!

If seeing gorillas in the wild (and in the process contributing to the chances of survival of these wonderful animals) is on your bucket list, let us help you tick it off! With access to all the places to stay and the the knowledge of how to get there we can get this right for you. We can also give you independent advice on where to go for bird watching or wildlife safaris in Uganda, or we can combine a visit to the gorillas with a Kenya or Tanzania safari or a beach holiday in Zanzibar.

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Unforgettable Uganda Holiday Options

Whether you go only to Uganda or whether you choose to combine Uganda with another holiday destination, there is lots to do there.


Uganda's gorillas are to be found in the Biwindi Impenetrable Forest, which is a National Park. Access to the gorillas is very carefully controlled, with tickets which must be booked months in advance. Generally, visitors are guided into the forest in groups of eight to see groups of gorillas that are habituated to humans. The encounters can involve a considerable hike, depending on where the gorillas happen to be. Meetings last an hour, at a distance of about seven metres from the gorillas to prevent infections spreading between humans and gorillas. Longer encounters of up to four hours can be arranged as part of the gorilla habituation process.


Biwindi Impenetrable Forest is not only about gorillas. It is the only place where gorillas and chimpanzees co-exist in the wild and it has several other species of primate and 350 bird species. It is also an extraordinarily beautiful area and a wonderful place to get acquainted with tropical rain forest.

Queen Elizabeth Park

Just north of Biwindi, the Queen Elizabeth National Park offers a range of habitats from savannah to forests, with glorious views of the Ruwenzori Mountains and Lakes George and Edward. As well as being able to track chimpanzees there are several other primate species to be found; there is also a high density of antelopes, elephant, buffalo, leopard and lions, including, in one area, the only lions outside the Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania that routinely climb trees! This is also a superb area for birding.

Kibale National Park

A little further north, Kibale National Park is an area mainly of rain forest. It is perhaps the best place to go to see primates, with 13 species of primate to be found there, including chimpanzees.

Semliki Wildlife Reserve

Deep in the heart of the Western Rift Valley, the Semliki Valley is a prime conservation area. Boasting both a National Park and a Game Reserve, much of the valley is untouched. The Semliki Forest forms the easternmost reaches of the Central African Rainforest and is home to many bird species, including at least 30 rare endemics.  Both the forest species of Central Africa (such as forest buffalo, a darker leopard sub-species and the smaller forest elephant) and the key savanna species of East Africa: lion, elephant, numerous antelope species, warthog, buffalo and more, are to be found there. Several communities of chimpanzees also live in the river valleys of the reserve.


Murchison Falls National Park

Bisected by the Victoria Nile, the Murchison Falls National Park is the biggest game conservation area in Uganda. It is fantastic for birding, in particular. 

Kidepo National Park

In the very far north of Uganda, right at the top corner where Uganda meets Kenya and the Sudan is the most remote of parks, Kidepo National Park. This is one of the best places in Uganda to see wildlife, which includes elephant, buffalo, lion, cheetah, zebra, various antelope and a fantastic variety of birds.

Lake Victoria

The international airport in Uganda is at Entebbe, which is on Lake Victoria. This, the largest tropical lake in Africa, and the reservoir for the River Nile offers several great opportunities, including fishing and day trips to islands on the lake. Also, near Entebbe is Jinja, the town where the Nile runs out of the lake. In the top reaches of the Nile there are excellent white water rafting adventures.

Whatever your ambitions for your glorious Uganda holiday, we can make them real. Through the Hays Independence Travel Group we have access to all the best tour operators and lodges, hotels and camps. We work with those who provide the best holiday experience to you and who work in the most socially and environmentally responsible way. We will ensure that you have a fantastic trip and that what you spend on it makes a meaningful contribution to environmental conservation and social development. 

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Have a look at the weather graph to see how the average temperature and average rainfall in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, compare with the averages in London each month.

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